Grandma's Tea Storage Tips

You have probably seen grandma drinking a lot of tea or throwing tea parties. Just like many things she's an expert and knows all the small details that make a big difference. That is why asking her how to properly store your tea was a must. If you are looking to get the most out of your tea and make sure that it is kept away properly than take a look below at grandma's best tips for storing tea.

- Avoid these five storage conditions that can make a big difference: light, heat, moisture, odor, and air. These things can quickly downgrade your tea a bit. 

- With those five factors mentioned above, location will be a factor too. So store away from strong odors, in a dark cabinet or a sealed container, keep delicate teas away from strongly scented ones, and avoid any humid areas of the kitchen. 

- Glazed ceramics and non reactive make great storage containers. If the container can hold water than it's a good container. 

- Buying fresh tea in smaller quantities is also another strategy in making sure the tea is fresh while preparing. 

If you follow those strategies for properly storing tea just like grandma then you will always have the freshest and best tea ready to be used. Want to make sure that is the case with your tea? Get these Air Tight Metallic Tea Containers to keep your tea fresh.

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