Grandma's Tips On Hosting A Tea Party

Grandma know's how to do pretty much everything, but one thing that she is second to none with is having a tea party for her and her friends. Hosting a tea party can be a lot of fun but also a lot of work at the same time. While it may seem simple on the surface there are many small details that need to be considered while hosting. Take a look below at Grandma's tips on throwing a proper tea party.

1. As the host it is important to impress guests by using your best china for the tea party. Make sure to have the essentials: teapot, milk pitcher, sugar bowl, teacups and saucers, and dessert plates.

2. Make sure to use cloth/cotton/linen napkins. 

3. Decorate the table with a lace tablecloth.

4. The food needs to be presented well at the party, so consider decorating the tray or cart with cloth or nice looking napkins. Flowers are always a nice touch too. 

5. The atmosphere is an important aspect of a tea party. Consider having tea by the fire place or in the garden if it's supposed to be a nice day outside.

6. Adding to the theme ask guests to dress a specific way such as wearing Victorian hats or crocheted gloves just as a lady would wear. 

7. Give out party favors.

8. Keep the conversation light-hearted and fun. Gossip or debatable subjects can potentially make some guests feel uncomfortable.

9. As the host, pouring tea and serving it to the guests is a must. Don't have a proper tea set to serve guests? Look no further and get this Full Tea Set that includes all the essentials to throw a tea party just like grandma.


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