Throw A Tea Party Just Like Grandma

Tea parties seem to be a thing of the past or something that your grandma probably hosts every once in awhile with all her friends. However they are a great way to get together and catchup with friends. But where does one start? Take a look below to see how to throw the perfect tea party just like grandma.

1. Print out invitations that use floral stationary or parchment paper. Place a tea bag in the envelope for a nice touch.

2. Create your own desert stand with a variety of options. If any of your guests are good bakers maybe they could bring something homemade which never disappoints. 

3. Decorate the table flowers and pictures of old memories because there will probably be a lot of reminiscing.

4. Serve an assortment of food that consist of both sweet and savory.

5. Make sure there is a variety of tea both hot and cold as your guests might have different preferences.

6. Having a matching tea set is ideal and will add to the nice decor you have setup. Don't have a matching tea set? No need to worry, get this Matching Floral Tea Set so you can throw a tea party just like grandma.


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